Saturday, August 14, 2010

Oops....there she ...what helps

It took about two and a half days and I just had an epiphany about what helps my thunkyness.

What truly helps is:


I've been getting the nudges and some were not so subtle. For instance, I drew out of my SoulCollage® deck the card that speaks of slow. It has a picture of a sloth. Yet, when I was racing around in my head mostly and so busy grasping at fixes and connection I missed even the most obvious answer that showed up in my cards.

Yes, getting into my body helped a lot. Writing helped when I settled. Connection via email to friends helped but really it would have helped more if I'd taken the time to SLOW way down and not be in such a rush to reply or get replies. Getting into my body could only happen when I slowed down through breathing and resting yoga. Writing was nourishing and connecting when I slowed down a little bit and settled into it and myself.

Laughter I had not really thought about (thanks Karen) but that helped too. Why does laughter help? I think because when you laugh, everything STOPS while you are overcome with laughter. Isn't that space a place where one finds slow in the everyday small moments.

It seems so obvious and kind of very embarassing to be the creative DAWDLER -
helllllllloooooooooo.... I think a dawdler ='s the message to slow down. This is good. This is where a blog helps you. It's a mirror where one gets to see themselves and exactly what one needs to unfold one's patterns.

For another perspective on retreat integration I found this post today by Michelle Lessirard. It reassured me it takes time. Slow down - 40 days or even 3 lunar cycles is normal for integration - click on New Moon Journal

also I mentioned slow before.....maybe it's developing in a theme....huh.

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  1. You know what also helped me? Reading Havi's blog post about having problems transitioning back into the "real world!" I mean, if the Queen of Shiva has problems with it, then why should I feel bad about it?! LOL!!

    Yes, SLOW--slow way, way down! I mean, really, what's the rush?

    But then, the epiphanies happened in a pretty short space of time--one coming down hard after another--so maybe since they showed up fast, we expect fast integration? Which is just not possible, of course.

    So perhaps it's time to gently, kindly, understandingly, laugh at ourselves? Silly women...wanting everything to be worked out RIGHT NOW...just settle down now...doodle...write in a'll happen when it happens...

    I'm SOOOO glad to have you back in Blogland!!