Sunday, August 8, 2010

Retreat Goodness

The photo below is the rough draft of my backyard labyrinth in 2007. Sketch a path for yourself. Put down a few words on the again.......

I was inspired this morning to take my draft posts and get something up here. Karen and Joy* inspired me. These are two of the women I was lucky enough to spend time with on the retreat. I realized upon reading their blog posts that I really needed to get something up here - it doesn't really matter what I write just that I write.

I've been back from retreat for over a week now. Re-entry is bumpy. I had a wonder-full time. I have also been slowly reconnecting with my regular life at home again. The hardest part about retreat I think is returning.

I'm sure my time spent in retreat will unfold and reveal itself here in future posts. I definitely feel like I have some creative stuff to dawdle with in writing, collage, and clay. I'm holding much of it in a private safe container for now until it's time for it to come out and play in a public space.
I met so many lovely women. And what a special gift it was to reconnect with the women who attended in 2007. I feel the need to just say to any new and old friends coming by for a visit - miss you!

I am starting to believe this blog will be a more regular thing I attend and tend as my creative path. For now, I have nothing bright and pithy to say.....just wanted to leave a post.

At the retreat, some readers of my previous blogs asked me about them. Spiritdoll was my first blog. It begin on Jan 1, 2006. It continued into August 2008. I also created Temenos which I couldn't take on blogspot so it's address is Temenos never really got going strongly but looking back now I realize it held a desire that I believe will grow again here on this current blog.
For the past few years I've kept these previous blogs but made them private. For a little while, as an offering of retreat goodness. I am going to make them available. Just click on the links above. I believe I've turned off the comments because I'm not trying to start these up again - creative dawdling is where I'm directing my attention and opening up the conversation.

creative blessings y'all

* I hope to have a link for Joy coming soon!


  1. Kara, I haven't been around much in the past year or more either, but have been delighted to encounter you here lately. I hold you in my heart, and your little gifts that came just when I needed comfort remind me of you often. Blessings to you, Imelda

  2. Oh yay--another blog post! When I see new words under that Creative Dawdling banner, I feel all warm inside...

    "Holding much of it in a private safe container"--yes, I'm doing this, too. There's so much there, and some of it may never come out--but what does come out, will no doubt be eked out slowly. Which is just fine.

    I have to laugh at your "not having anything bright and pithy to say." I had to read it twice and then think for a while before commenting--there's actually quite a lot there.

    But I'm so glad you're coming back--I've missed you!

  3. Thank you Imelda. I loved seeing you pop up as I always have a fondness in my heart for you. We started this blogging journey together and the road has taken us in other directions at times but what a sweet surprise to cross paths again here. Love to you.

  4. Karen thank you for your encouragement. (((Hugs)))