Thursday, April 15, 2010

Quarter speed

Well, Tuesday I was in pain and feeling calm because of it. Yesterday, was a very pleasant day, until my body seized up again. I didn't do that new moon vision board or make a SoulCollage® card. I looked through images.

Overnight, I managed to sleep and to relax my body again. Yet, I'm worn out. I also fear hurting again. So I'm on strict orders to myself to do nothing.

So why am I here writing? Well, to remind myself. I set a heavy duty intention yesterday in the new moon and feel it is important to me to show up....if only briefly.

Also, in order to do nothing I have to slow way down. And how often do we embrace SLOW?

SLOW as a meditation mindfulness practice.

What would happen if you read these words slow? What would happen if you got up slowly from your computer walked at a 1/4 of the speed you normally do and got a drink of water. Drink the water slow. (Go on you can do that, I'll still be here)

What awareness changes when you did that?

S L O W ........ is what I'm exploring today.

After lunch I'm going back to bed for more flat relaxation. I may lie still and read or listen to a relaxtion meditation on my ipod. But I will also be exploring slow and preparing myself for bringing that back into my daily life tomorrow.

Try out a few daily tasks in slow mode. What do you notice? Tell me about it if you'd like.....


  1. You know--I actually found myself doing this today--before I even looked at your blog. The in-laws are visiting and I made a dinner that left the kitchen a mess, and after we were through eating, I shooed everyone out (so that Mark and Nathan could visit with them), and I spent a moment just looking at the mess--calmly. And then slowly, ever so slowly, I started cleaning. I scooped extra salad into a container, a single spoonful at a time. I wrapped bread. I slowly picked up each dish, rinsing, stacking. I slowly, lovingly scrubbed my dutch oven. I have no clue why--I just did. It was actually a good experience.

    I am so sorry your body is acting up on you--and I'm so glad you're making yourself take it easy. And I like the image of you sifting through images--and yaay you for gently showing up!

    Sometimes I think we get tested on our intentions. You set new intentions and then wham! The body acts up! But it's not stopping you...just slowing you down in a good way.

    Sending you positive, healing, encouraging, loving thoughts...

  2. Oh, Karen, you seem to hit it right on the nailhead! It is a bit like being tested on my intentions. Thanks for the thoughts.....sending some back for you.