Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Rain needed in the heart of the desert.

I was looking through some photos from last September 2010.  I snapped all these photos after a late summer rain shower.  The misty clouds are still hovering.

I notice how much wild growth we had in our yard. That same kind of growth, grasses and brush, would have happened all over the state.  Now that growth is dry and acts like a fire tinder.  The smallest spark can set it off.  I heard that 603,000 acres have burned in New Mexico wildfires just since the beginning of 2011.

This land needs some rain.  Yesterday my coworkers and I were discussing the things everyone is doing to call the rain.   One gal mentioned washing her car.  I chimed in with how I washed my windows.  Someone else said the catholics took the saints out and paraded them around the village.   And there is a pow-wow planned soon over at the one of the nearby pueblos.

It is nice to look at these photos of cactus dripping with moisture.  Such a nicer thing to put into my mind then what I've been worrying about lately.  I'm also a heart shaped collector of images, rocks, and etc....what can I say but this photo just does it for me.

I thought it won't hurt to put up some images of rain reflections.  To remind myself rain does and will come here again.  
hello rainwater!

My happy laughing frog will once again hold rain drops.  Until then, I'm keeping the faith.


  1. I'm taking a moment to think "RAIN!!!" Would an improvised rain dance in Maryland help at all, you think? I'd be willing to try...

    HOWEVER, the images you've posted are so very lovely...

  2. Thank you Karen - I'm glad you like the photos.

  3. It's great fun catching up with you this morning via your blog posts Kara ... looking at the photos and reading your words brings back fond memories of my visit with you and Robert last summer on my way home from Taos.

    I love the hummingbirds and bright orange color you've added as background to your site and realize I don't have a clue how that's done so it's one more thing to add to the never-ending 'to do' list I keep nearby for when time permits.

    I love reading Karen's comments too and that makes me want to visit HER blog as well. Just this morning I was writing about how much I missed the 'online connections' with real & virtual friends. I even spent a little bit of time at Small Reflections, Sacred Ruminations, and Happily Retired Gal reminiscing and adding revised links to my Giraffe and Labyrinth Journal sites. Although I have blogs I enjoy listed in my 'reader' ... I almost never take time to open it any more, so methinks I need to rethink my daily schedule and find a way to work in such 'virtual social encounters' ... just because. Maybe once I get OFF these email lists I'll subscribe to your blogs in email instead? 'Tis just a thought. Right now that wouldn't make much difference since I seldom check email either.
    Hugs and blessings,

  4. Hi Virginia,
    So nice to find you stopped by here. The orange background and hummingbirds is just one of the blogger templates. I didn't do anything special except choose it. I'm glad to know you like it. I may have changed some small details like the width of the area for the main text and a few font colors. The photo of the bunny at the top/header is my photo and my bunny creation.
    Connecting online is a constantly changing and moving process. Just when I work out a habit something else changes. None of it stays the same for long. I appreciate myself when I manage to update my blog and I appreciate everyone who manages to come by. Hugs back to you.