Friday, June 10, 2011

Friday Link from the rabbit hole.

Not sure now who pointed me to this was likely in someone's friday links????  The memory gets fuzzy when I fall down the rabbit hole........ 

I think I want to make this beet cake.  I'm not a cake baker because I haven't figured out how to adjust for high altitude.  Oh, and the little detail that my hubster and I would weigh 500 lbs EACH.   Something tells me this might be a cake worth trying to make the adjustment for high altitude.    Or maybe that is just my craving for it at this moment.

I can say it is worth it to spend two minutes watching this painterly video of making this cake.  

Creative blessings and happy watching.


  1. That is one of the most sensual videos I've seen in a while--it is so beautiful! It makes me want to try it, too. I wonder what kind of flavor the beets add to it--I mean, I wonder if you really taste them? (I was thinking it's looks like a red velvet cake, but without all the food dye.)

  2. It reminded me of a classic painting by say Renoir or Monet- something you want to just sit in front of and stare at for a while because it makes you feel sensual and good.

    I bet the beats add a lot of moisture to the cake. And beats are sweet - but I wonder too what taste they add to the cake. I may just have to buy beats this week and try it.

  3. Baked the cake this weekend. It's lovely--dense and chocolatey. The cake tastes earthy, but not the lick-the-cellar-floor kind of beet-earthy. Definitely worth making!