Saturday, November 27, 2010

An end of AEDM and a break.

AEDM was a bust for me this year.  I started out with lots of momentum.  Then I began to realize the project of using my rusty bits wasn't really holding my interest.  My heart and desire wasn't in it.   So actually, I cannot completely say AEDM was a bust because I learned something about what my desire is not.  I actually feel a bit lighter around it all now and can let it go. 

I might have switched to something else as a daily art project, except mid month my 10 year old cat Oscar got sick.   He seems to be getting better now, but there is still a bit of a question mark about his health.   I've been caring for him instead of focusing on doing any kind of art or creative things.  Though I've managed a moment here or there, nothing much to document.  

December is just around the corner.  I won't turn this post into a rant but it is a little bit of one...... I'm already feeling worn out.  I come online either to get email, or look at Facebook or read some blogs and everywhere I turn is a pitch for someone's product, ebook, vote, movement, etc.   Right now it's a lot about the Holidays but soon it will be the "turn over a new page and live the life you've always wished for stuff" that comes with the New Year.

I am questioning why I blog.  I thought it might be useful to have an outlet to express myself.  I certainly thought it might be useful to keep track of my creative dawdling.   I know it would be useful to be more consistent on this blog.   I sometimes see an online class or ebook that might help me improve this blog, but I am weary of online connecting.  As I said above I'm tired of all the connecting that is just a big cluttered room of sales pitches of one kind or another.   Or if it isn't a sales pitch it is some other kind of believe as I do sort of broadcast and be sure to share it with your network.    Yes, you do hear some cynicism in my voice.

So, I think at least for December I am going to take a break.   Oh, I'll still come online.....just not quite so mindlessly and habitually.  I think this will be the last post I make this year on my blog........I reserve the right to change my mind.   I'm not quitting my blog.   For now, I'm just saying you don't need to look for a post from me in December.

Have a happy end of the year 2010 however you choose to reflect upon it and celebrate it.  Creative blessings to y'all.


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  1. I completely understand (though, oddly, I'm going in the complete opposite direction with my own blog). I've actually had to curtail my internet action--it helps to just actively choose who/what you're going to visit, rather than mindlessly wandering. And I've pretty much stopped looking at Facebook--I sometimes feel guilty about that, but it can be such a bummer.

    I'll miss your words here, but I hope that December brings you the peace you need and deserve!