Sunday, November 7, 2010

Clay Play Every Day - The Rusty Bits Update

My rusty bits project so far has been fun and challenging at times.  So far I've worked on something in clay everyday.  I've drifted a little away from some of my rusty bits.  I saw some mosaic work this week and it gave me an idea that I may want to use mosaic to incorporate my rusty bits into art.......that of course opens up a whole lot of mess.  I really do not like the process of mosaic that much.  I love the effect of mosaics but grouting and the heaviness of the finished product has always deterred me from doing much of it.  There would be a large technical learning curve if I was to do I'm pondering it for now.   

Meanwhile I keep working in clay.  I think today, Sunday Day 7, I will give myself a break from the wet clay.  I may create some sketches and mindmaps about the project.  I will finish glazing a piece that I started long before this month began.  I have a lot of lingering unfinished pieces that await glaze.  I also would like to finish two SoulCollage® cards that are awaiting to be glued.  

We've had very nice weather this past week....I know the wind and cold will be coming and snow maybe.   On Day 2 of this project I did not save the clay piece I worked on.  I took notes about what I liked and what worked but I didn't think the piece was worth the trouble to dry and fire and I smooshed it back into the bag.    I went outside to walk my labyrinth and took my camera.   I had the best time playing in the late day sun......The long shadows gave me some interesting shots....
Here is one of my favorites.....

Day 3 I was inspired by a Brene Brown video.  And the day before I'd had a discussion with someone who reminded me that some of the rusty bits I have are in the form of barbed wire.    It was left here on our property and I wouldn't let my husband throw it away.  So I went out and got a piece of it and created this heart with a saying inspired from Brown.    Her blog is found at Ordinary Courage.    And the video found at youtube - TedxHouston.   I shared the video on my Facebook and it is worth the 20 minutes of time.  Many people are now sharing it and commenting they've watched it several times.  I have watched it multiple times too.  

Day 4 I found myself making angels.....and using my clay and other items to make impressions in them......

Day 5 I loved what I made.  I was completely stumped when I started and then I went on to make something that just delights me......but I didn't take a picture of it.  So you'll have to wait to see it.   I think I may wait until I get it fired and glazed and fired again.   All of these clay pieces once they are fired will turn a nice terra cotta color and have some mica twinkles to them. 

Day 6, well I was tired.  So I switched to my favorite soft low fire clay called story teller.  I started by just relaxing and making in a meditative way one of my hearts.    Then I played with making a face.  I nearly threw this back in the bag - but decided it is so small, approximately 1.5 inches in diameter, I will find some use for it.  It's over worked but in the end reminds me of the man in the moon.  I think the photo is the best thing about it at this point.  It's leaning up against a rusty bit.

At this point I feel like I need to leave you with something colorful because this clay is all so grey right now.  So here is some color. 

May your creative life bloom......just like beauty.


  1. Love the heart and the quote! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Your shadow does look cool, great stuff,I like your angels and heart.

  3. I love the barbed wire heart!!

  4. LOVE your heart! Thank you so much for sharing it!

  5. Love playing with clay - it's been so long for me! Great post :)

  6. It warms my heart, seeing/reading of where your creative heart took you during the beginning of the month...may you find your way back to that ease and flow...