Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Art Every Day Month Begins

Rusty bits project day 1: November 1

I was a bit short on time yesterday to start off my rusty bits project.  So, I had to just dooo eeet!  This clay piece may end up getting fired and hanging from the rusty bit above it.  Or I may change my mind and do something else.  It is all about experimentation - Yay!

I'm proud of myself for several things.  I began.  I used my slab roller.  I used one of my sister's doilies to press into the clay for experimentation. Thanks sis for the crochet donations!

Before I go to play in the clay today here is one other photo from yesterday
My studio helper and a random studio view on 11/01/2010
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1 comment:

  1. This looks like such fun, Kara--I sit here getting all envious of you "hands on" creators--so tangible, you can actually take pictures of it--wow!! But of course, there's no need to be envious--instead, I can watch and be inspired--to do my own creative thing. Okay...I need to stop putting my head under the covers...I need to get down to business.

    Oh how I love what you're doing!!!