Friday, June 25, 2010

Taking that oar and making a swish

I haven't paid any attention to my blog for weeks now. When I sign in today, I discover blogger has new templates. It may be time for me to either commit to writing this blog or not. Yet that is an *overwhelming thought. It seems easier to drift, to live in limbo, than to make a decision. And I know it is not easier ultimately. Not making a decision is also a choice. It is a decision. My future self does not want to be dealing with this decision drift in the future.

I have been feeling the need lately to broadcast. It comes up as words in my head. Sometimes it is like writing a letter to my friend Karen. Sometimes I think I ought to go post on the Comfort Cafe forum. Sometimes I just rant in my journal. I get an urge to go to Facebook. I read other forums that I never have posted on but suddenly I want to register and write a reply. Or I talk my sister's or husband's ears off about stuff they don't really need to hear about in such detail.

The above techniques I can see right now as I reflect on this is more drift............

Okay, so I am not ready to commit to ALL that is involved with writing this blog. It feels like a huge big dang do. I do know I am ready to just try making a broadcast. To explore one step at a time what that is like. I have a choice to keep drifting or to just put an oar in the water one swish at time and guide my lifeboat.

*I use the word overwhelm all the time. It has recently come to my attention that overwhelm may not be that we have so many things going on as it is we are procrastinating or avoiding that one thing. Yup, I agree. I use the word overwhelm in relation to all the things that need doing but the feeling of overwhelm is coming up because I am not tending to my need to express myself through writing and creativity. I am not broadcasting or giving my gift and consequently I start to feel I'm losing it. Buried under everything I have to do, should do, wish and desire to do..........overwhelm!!!!!!!

Ah, but it really doesn't take much to come out from overwhelm. Sure, there is work involved. I just have to turn back to making that thing, that it, that need a priority. Even a few minutes begins to get the wheels going and that buried feeling becomes - I can do this...yeah, I'm doing it! Remember to more steps and then your standing still.....oh here comes the pile of get the picture.

There are a bunch of links I could put into this post but I'm not going to bother. Because, eventually I'll get back to playing and sharing and taking the time to link.......but today it is about just taking a step or to use my paddle to make a swish ...... Instead, I'm going to declare myself satisfied and publish. If you would like links to where I learned about overwhelm or a link to the Comfort Cafe or to Jennifer Louden's satisfaction finder well leave me a comment.......

Oh and one last thing, I also arrived today to find that I have a new unknown to me follower. How cool is that?! She probably came from Karen's blog which is about the only place I comment and leave a trail to this blog. See, in addition to drifting with this blog I also put no decisions toward leaving links anywhere so anyone might find it........ that is a topic of exploration for another post......right now it is just one step at a time.

Another step will be to figure out how to find my new follower????? Oh, I know it is probably rather simple.....but I've been standing still so step at a time.........


  1. I am enjoying reading your thoughts!

  2. Thanks Jennifer! Now that you left a comment I can figure out how to find you! For some reason I just haven't quite figured out the followers part of blogger. I blogged a lot 3-4 years ago on a different blog then took a break and now things are bit different. Of course, I haven't really given it the attention but I feel like something is changing.......that desire is coming back to me. I appreciate the comment - thanks again!!

  3. EEK--you posted and I missed it!! Well, no, I didn't--here I am!!

    Oh Kara--I do this, too. In fact, I'm in the middle of it. I meant to start the updating the blog very regularly, and then today I realized it's been almost a month. AND I haven't even been visiting other blogs. I'm finding it hard to make a decision, too--to blog or not to blog, that is the question.

    And oh how I get the "overwhelm" thing--you're so right--it really is THAT ONE THING! I keep adding more and more stuff to my plate, when if I'd just address THAT ONE THING, my life would calm down.

    Speaking personally, I'm rooting for you to get back to the blogging. I feel like I really missed something--having met you right before you pretty much stopped doing the other one. You are SUCH a good writer--deep, personal and interesting--all my favorite things.

    But then, soon you'll be in Taos--and that should shake things up quite a bit!!!

  4. Hmmm ... if I could figure out how to add my Giraffe Journal ID to Blogger's widget, I'd become a follower too. I suppose I could use my 'happily retired gal' or 'storyteller' IDs, but I've pretty much let those sites go in favor of this new venture and no longer choose to be A Nonny Mouse. I actually HAVE an Open ID (as Virginia505 because Virginia wasn't available) and tried to enter it without success. Perhaps I'll try once more before moving on ... just because.
    Hugs and blessings,

  5. Sigh ... no joy there ;-(
    I wonder if it will take the OpenID here? Guess I'll try, just because.

    NOPE! Dunno what the problem might be and don't choose to bother with it right now because I want to continue to catch up here.
    Hugs and blessings,