Sunday, October 16, 2011

Oscar 2006 © Kara McGee
Three weeks ago we put one of our cats to sleep. Our sweet Oscar Bear.  He had a mass in the middle of him near his heart and lungs. Once we discovered this unfortunate fact we did all we could to keep him comfortable because there really wasn't much that could be done.  It was simply time to enjoy him and help him enjoy his life for as long as we were given. Eventually, the tumor got the better of his body.  

This loss still hurts, and I know it is going to hurt for awhile. One of my personal goals is to make a photo book for my husband and I to celebrate and remember Oscar's life.  It helps raise our spirits to look at pictures and remember him.  I thought I might start this project just out here on my blog and put up a few posts about my cat. It will help me sort my photos and help me write some memories. 

I met Oscar when he was living at a foster kitty mom's home. He was there because he had been abandoned and found in the back of a pickup truck all alone. He was too young to be put up for adoption at the Animal Humane, so he was living at foster mom's house getting extra kitten care until he weighed enough to go out for adoption. 

I'd made my choice to adopt one kitty that was living there at foster mom's house. He reminded me of my childhood cats. The foster mom knew I wanted to adopt two kitties. She suggested Oscar. Actually, she pushed and nudged me.  As a tiny kitty Oscar had long fluffy fur.  I was worried he would be a long haired cat.  Foster mom assured me that would not be the case once he grew out of his safety kitten-y fur. She was right. She also said Oscar would grow up to be a lap cat. She was right.

As an extra push/nudge/sales pitch she said that all black cats stay playful for a much longer time. She was right about that too. Oscar played until the day before he died. Sadly, one way we knew it was his time and we needed to ease his pain was when he just didn't have the oomph to play.

The foster kitty mom was pushing me because, at least 11 and 1/2 years ago and maybe still today, it is very hard to get the all black cats adopted.  If they have some white on them no problem they are even in demand but an all black cat causes everyone to be superstitious.   Ridiculous!    Although I did play along by saying around Halloween that I had special immunity from goblins and spooks and bad luck because I had an all black cat. 

We still have our Fox cat.  He seems to be enjoying the extra attention.  If Oscar played abundantly, then Fox was kind of inhibited around Oscar.  Now we are getting to play with Fox in new ways.  I know he misses Oscar sometimes because he's done a few things that seems to be different for Fox but very connected to what Oscar would do if he was here.

We are not looking to adopt another cat again soon.......though the temptation is strong when I hear there is an overflow of cats needing adoption at the local animal humane.  I would say, if and when the time comes to adopt another kitty cat, if I'm ever chosen by another all black kitty I wouldn't hesitate for a moment.

p.s. if you click on the photo above you can see it bigger.

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