Friday, August 5, 2011

summer project

letting go ©kara mcgee
Sometimes it feels so exquisitely good to let go of old words, old whines, old weight.  This is my summer project. 
I search for the patterns and make note of the history and then rip and shred.   Giddiness ensues!


  1. What a relief...what a release. I so very much like this idea--finding the patterns and then letting them go. We don't HAVE to keep everything--patterns or written proof. Wonderful...

  2. Hi Karen,
    At first I thought I'll just read these whiney journals and note the history but what I discovered is I could see patterns. It is tedious to read through them but making notes feels like I'm turning the straw into gold. I save some pages but it feels like I'm breaking it down into elements and something good is going to transform from this - hence my giddiness!