Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Committee

spiritdoll made by Kara 1995
Eventually, every creative dawdler in action will come face to face with he/she/it/them-
Recently, I have been having conversations with my critic.   It may be more accurate to say my critic(s).  Actually, I think there is a committee of gremlins, critics, dragons, monsters and a lizard (that reptilian part of my own brain). So I've started calling them the Committee.

The Committee appears-
They show up and prevent me from doing my full out creative dawdling.
The say stop and caution.....avoid....avoid!  Sometimes they sweetly lull me away from my studio.   I think my procrastination and overwhelm is really the habit of unconsciously listening and believing everything this Committee has to say.

Appearing soon at Creative Dawdling-
I've built them a clubhouse.  I've been coloring them and listening to what they are saying.  I've even comfort them a little bit.     I have lots to share, so this will just be my first post in a series.


  1. Oh, I love him/her/it--poor thing--look how bad it knows it's been discovered--it knows it will be dealt with!

    Also--wow--TOTALLY in the procrastination and overwhelm too--with a visit from Inowanna Iguana, as well!!


    There. I said it.

    But coming here inspires me. Perhaps I can do one thing? Maybe a few minutes of Shivanata??

    Anyway--oh how I love the way you take your bugaboos and turn them into art. Yaaay you!!! And I CAN'T WAIT to see the clubhouse!!!!

  2. hm, i thought i posted a comment but it didn't show up. trying again.

    i so appreciate you processing on your blog. i find when i'm in turmoil, facing the committee, i can't get to this place where i can be proactive.

    i love the spiritdoll!

  3. joy - sorry if you had a comment get lost. waaah! - but thanks for trying again.

    I think when I'm in the turmoil with the committee I'm trying to just listen carefully to what they are gets me out of a battle and there is less resisting.
    When it comes to the committee - that saying "what you resist persists" seems to go into high effort.

    Not trying to change them or me but just approaching with curiosity. Just writing this reminds me I have a lot to say about this so I will be sure to post more about the committee soon.

  4. Karen - I will post a photo of the clubhouse soon - you may recognize the wallpaper I gave them.