Friday, January 30, 2009


I really think there is a huge shift happening right now. I could give all these reasons using politics, the culture, or astrology. Some of this change I am digusted with and I can shake my hands around and rant in a flurry "it's the WRONG direction!" Some of the change I think might be just what we need so we can go into a new and vibrant and more common sense direction. (once we get through the pain of it all...........and just when will that be, I wonder?)

Here is what I really want to express tonight-
Creative dawdling is important.

We all need time to just rest. This is the way I rest. I dither around in crafts or in my studio. I write. I meander through books. I just sit still and allow my mind to run however it's gonna run.......ah yes, there goes a thought and another thought.....breathe in and out. I'm not trying to get anywhere but recognize and feel here.

It is too easy to negate or minimize the importance of just drifting awhile. To say it's not solving the worlds problems. To fall into the trap of thinking if there isn't work involved and struggle and suffering then it must not be important. If I'm not getting paid or praised for it then it must not be of any value.

I created this blog with this title because I think it's important to just stop, or slow waaaaay down.

For you, your creative dawdle might be lying in a hammock and watching the clouds float. Or maybe it is bowling with the nintendo wii.

Or taking a bath. Or pulling weeds in the garden.

It isn't for anyone else to judge or decide. You know what lets you soften into your softest self. You know what allows fresh ideas and vibrancy to flow into your being.

You know what gets you to let down your guard and find your body- your place in being. You know the things that allow you to quiet the other voices and what allows you to hear yourself.

So you have permission. You always had and will have permission. But you must decide to use this permission.

I'm just like everyone else in this world - I want to be valued and loved and sometimes I think "no, no, I cannot allow myself to putter about"-I must prove my worth (and usually I look to someone else to determine what I must do for proof).

I recognize we cannot be in a creative dawdle 24/7. I'm actually in favor of logical and practical work too. I'm all in favor of service and the golden rule. I'm not trying to promote irresponsible selfishness. I am trying to promote responsible connection to one's being.

It's been my experience, when I decide to allow myself some creative puttering time, I come fully into myself. When it's time to be there for others, and care for the world at large, I am much more able to do it and willingly do it without the neediness, pettiness, and tit for tat that I'm prone toward when I neglect myself.

So, here I am telling myself.....and you if you are reading this far.......I am simply saying creative dawdling is important.

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  1. This is resonating right now (months after the fact!)...I've been puttering about...digging through supplies...playing with paper...trying out new tools...not much to show for it, but oh how spirit-full...